Saturday, February 11, 2017

UFC 208 Odds: Holly Holm and Germaine de Randamie Headline

UFC 208 in Brooklyn


Holly Holm and Germaine de Randamie Headline

Here are your UFC 208 Odds

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UFC FightingMoney LineTotal Points
UFC 208 - Featherweight 5 rounds - Barclays Center - Brooklyn, New York - PPV
Sat 2/111001 Germaine de Randamie -125 o4½ -130
11:59PM1002 Holly Holm +105 u4½ +110
UFC 208 - Middleweight 3 rounds - Barclays Center - Brooklyn, New York - PPV
Sat 2/111101 Anderson Silva +130 o1½ -140
11:30PM1102 Derek Brunson -150 u1½ +120
UFC 208 - Middleweight 3 rounds - Barclays Center - Brooklyn, New York - PPV
Sat 2/111201 Tim Boetsch +450 o1½ +140
11:00PM1202 Ronaldo Souza -600 u1½ -160
UFC 208 - Light Heavyweight 3 rounds - Barclays Center - Brooklyn, New York - PPV
Sat 2/111301 Jared Cannonier +195 o1½ -105
10:30PM1302 Glover Teixeira -235 u1½ -115
UFC 208 - Lightweight 3 rounds - Barclays Center - Brooklyn, New York - FS1
Sat 2/111401 Jim Miller +335 o2½ +115
10:00PM1402 Dustin Poirier -420 u2½ -135
UFC 208 - Welterweight 3 rounds - Barclays Center - Brooklyn, New York - FS1
Sat 2/111501 Belal Muhammad +115 o2½ -180
9:30PM1502 Randy Brown -135 u2½ +158
UFC 208 - Welterweight 3 rounds - Barclays Center - Brooklyn, New York - FS1
Sat 2/111601 Ulka Sasaki +470 o2½ +100
9:00PM1602 Wilson Reis -640 u2½ -120
UFC 208 - Lightweight 3 rounds - Barclays Center - Brooklyn, New York - FS1
Sat 2/111701 Nik Lentz +260 o2½ -280
8:30PM1702 Islam Makhachev -320 u2½ +240
UFC 208 - Lightweight 3 rounds - Barclays Center - Brooklyn, New York - UFC Fight Pass
Sat 2/112001 Phillipe Nover +155 o2½ -195
8:00PM2002 Rick Glenn -175 u2½ +168
UFC 208 - Welterweight 3 rounds - Barclays Center - Brooklyn, New York - UFC Fight Pass
Sat 2/112101 Roan Carneiro +255 o2½ -210
7:30PM2102 Ryan LaFlare -310 u2½ +175

UFC 208 Prop Bets

MMA Props FightingSpreadMoney Line
Germaine de Randaime vs Holly Holm - Featherweight 5 rounds - UFC 208
Sat 2/111003 Randaime / Holm goes 5 round distance-130
11:59PM1004 Fight won’t go 5 round distance+100
Sat 2/111005 Randaime wins inside distance+268
11:59PM1006 Not Randaime inside distance-358
Sat 2/111007 Randaime wins by 5 round decision+220
11:59PM1008 Not Randaime by 5 round decision-280
Sat 2/111009 Holm wins inside distance+304
11:59PM1010 Not Holm inside distance-394
Sat 2/111011 Holm wins by 5 round decision+278
11:59PM1012 Not Holm by 5 round decision-368
Sat 2/111013 Randaime / Holm draw+4500
11:59PM1014 Fight not a draw-11000
Sat 2/111015 Randaime wins in round 1+800
11:59PM1016 Any other result-1700
Sat 2/111017 Randaime wins in round 2+975
11:59PM1018 Any other result-1975
Sat 2/111019 Randaime wins in round 3+1175
11:59PM1020 Any other result-2525
Sat 2/111021 Randaime wins in round 4+1575
11:59PM1022 Any other result-4725
Sat 2/111023 Randaime wins in round 5+2075
11:59PM1024 Any other result-6225
Sat 2/111025 Holm wins in round 1+950
11:59PM1026 Any other result-1950
Sat 2/111027 Holm wins in round 2+1150
11:59PM1028 Any other result-2450
Sat 2/111029 Holm wins in round 3+1300
11:59PM1030 Any other result-3000
Sat 2/111031 Holm wins in round 4+1500
11:59PM1032 Any other result-4500
Sat 2/111033 Holm wins in round 5+1700
11:59PM1034 Any other result-5100
Sat 2/111035 Randaime wins by submission+1250
11:59PM1036 Any other result-2750
Sat 2/111037 Randaime wins by TKO/KO+332
11:59PM1038 Any other result-495
Sat 2/111039 Holm wins by submission+683
11:59PM1040 Any other result-1447
Sat 2/111041 Holm wins by TKO/KO+465
11:59PM1042 Any other result-795
Sat 2/111043 Randaime wins by 5 round unanimous dec+340
11:59PM1044 Any other result-510
Sat 2/111045 Randaime wins by 5 round split/maj dec+625
11:59PM1046 Any other result-1275
Sat 2/111047 Holm wins by 5 round unanimous dec+405
11:59PM1048 Any other result-615
Sat 2/111049 Holm wins by 5 round split/maj dec+829
11:59PM1050 Any other result-1729
Sat 2/111051 Randaime / Holm starts round 5-157
11:59PM1052 Fight won’t start round 5+127
Sat 2/111053 Randaime / Holm starts round 4-205
11:59PM1054 Fight won’t start round 4+165
Sat 2/111055 Randaime / Holm starts round 3-332
11:59PM1056 Fight won’t start round 3+254
Sat 2/111057 Randaime / Holm starts round 2-760
11:59PM1058 Fight won’t start round 2+485
if fight goes to scorecards all wagers are no action
Sat 2/111059 Randaime (scorecards = no action)-124
11:59PM1060 Holm (scorecards = no action)-106
any victory inside distance is a winner for selected fighter, see sportsbook rules for grading detail
Sat 2/111061 Randaime points handicap -5½ +170
11:59PM1062 Holm points handicap +5½ -215
Germaine de Randaime vs Holly Holm - Featherweight 5 rounds
any victory inside distance is a winner for selected fighter, see sportsbook rules for grading detail
Sat 2/111063 Randaime points handicap +5½ -245
11:59PM1064 Holm points handicap -5½ +185
Anderson Silva vs Derek Brunson - Middleweight 3 rounds - UFC 208
Sat 2/111103 Silva / Brunson goes 3 round distance+160
11:30PM1104 Fight won’t go 3 round distance-195
Sat 2/111105 Silva wins inside distance+178
11:30PM1106 Not Silva inside distance-235
Sat 2/111107 Silva wins by 3 round decision+750
11:30PM1108 Not Silva by 3 round decision-1370
Sat 2/111109 Brunson wins inside distance+190
11:30PM1110 Not Brunson inside distance-250
Sat 2/111111 Brunson wins by 3 round decision+243
11:30PM1112 Not Brunson by 3 round decision-307
Sat 2/111113 Silva / Brunson draw+7500
11:30PM1114 Fight not a draw-20000
Sat 2/111115 Silva wins in round 1+375
11:30PM1116 Any other result-565
Sat 2/111117 Silva wins in round 2+600
11:30PM1118 Any other result-1200
Sat 2/111119 Silva wins in round 3+1175
11:30PM1120 Any other result-2525
Sat 2/111121 Brunson wins in round 1+400
11:30PM1122 Any other result-600
Sat 2/111123 Brunson wins in round 2+625
11:30PM1124 Any other result-1275
Sat 2/111125 Brunson wins in round 3+1175
11:30PM1126 Any other result-2525
Sat 2/111127 Silva wins by submission+1075
11:30PM1128 Any other result-2225
Sat 2/111129 Silva wins by TKO/KO+230
11:30PM1130 Any other result-310
Sat 2/111131 Brunson wins by submission+1005
11:30PM1132 Any other result-2015
Sat 2/111133 Brunson wins by TKO/KO+220
11:30PM1134 Any other result-300
Sat 2/111135 Silva / Brunson starts round 3+108
11:30PM1136 Fight won’t start round 3-138
Sat 2/111137 Silva / Brunson starts round 2-205
11:30PM1138 Fight won’t start round 2+165
if fight goes to scorecards all wagers are no action
Sat 2/111139 Silva (scorecards = no action)-106
11:30PM1140 Brunson (scorecards = no action)-124
any victory inside distance is a winner for selected fighter, see sportsbook rules for grading details
Sat 2/111141 Silva points handicap +3½ -155
11:30PM1142 Brunson points handicap -3½ +125
Tim Boetsch vs Ronaldo Souza - Middleweight 3 rounds - UFC 208
Sat 2/111203 Boetsch / Souza goes 3 round distance+390
11:00PM1204 Fight won’t go 3 round distance-540
Sat 2/111205 Boetsch wins inside distance+537
11:00PM1206 Not Boetsch inside distance-890
Sat 2/111207 Boetsch wins by 3 round decision+1300
11:00PM1208 Not Boetsch by 3 round decision-2575
Sat 2/111209 Souza wins inside distance-263
11:00PM1210 Not Souza inside distance+203
Sat 2/111211 Souza wins by 3 round decision+540
11:00PM1212 Not Souza by 3 round decision-900
Sat 2/111213 Boetsch / Souza draw+9000
11:00PM1214 Fight not a draw-25000
Sat 2/111215 Boetsch wins in round 1+975
11:00PM1216 Any other result-1975
Sat 2/111217 Boetsch wins in round 2+1350
11:00PM1218 Any other result-3250
Sat 2/111219 Boetsch wins in round 3+2325
11:00PM1220 Any other result-6975
Sat 2/111221 Souza wins in round 1-105
11:00PM1222 Any other result-135
Sat 2/111223 Souza wins in round 2+375
11:00PM1224 Any other result-565
Sat 2/111225 Souza wins in round 3+1050
11:00PM1226 Any other result-2150
Sat 2/111227 Boetsch wins by submission+2300
11:00PM1228 Any other result-6900
Sat 2/111229 Boetsch wins by TKO/KO+591
11:00PM1230 Any other result-1172
Sat 2/111231 Souza wins by submission-125
11:00PM1232 Any other result-115
Sat 2/111233 Souza wins by TKO/KO+266
11:00PM1234 Any other result-386
Sat 2/111235 Boetsch / Souza starts round 3+251
11:00PM1236 Fight won’t start round 3-326
Sat 2/111237 Boetsch / Souza starts round 2-104
11:00PM1238 Fight won’t start round 2-126
if fight goes to scorecards all wagers are no action
Sat 2/111239 Boetsch (scorecards = no action)+454
11:00PM1240 Souza (scorecards = no action)-682
any victory inside distance is a winner for selected fighter, see sportsbook rules for grading details
Sat 2/111241 Boetsch points handicap +3½ +285
11:00PM1242 Souza points handicap -3½ -375
Jared Cannonier vs Glover Teixeira - Light Heavyweight 3 rounds - UFC 208
Sat 2/111303 Cannonier / Teixeira goes 3 rd distance+285
10:30PM1304 Fight won’t go 3 round distance-375
Sat 2/111305 Cannonier wins inside distance+281
10:30PM1306 Not Cannonier inside distance-371
Sat 2/111307 Cannonier wins by 3 round decision+800
10:30PM1308 Not Cannonier by 3 round decision-1475
Sat 2/111309 Teixeira wins inside distance-121
10:30PM1310 Not Teixeira inside distance-109
Sat 2/111311 Teixeira wins by 3 round decision+466
10:30PM1312 Not Teixeira by 3 round decision-712
Sat 2/111313 Cannonier / Teixeira draw+8000
10:30PM1314 Fight not a draw-21500
Sat 2/111315 Cannonier wins in round 1+525
10:30PM1316 Any other result-975
Sat 2/111317 Cannonier wins in round 2+750
10:30PM1318 Any other result-1580
Sat 2/111319 Cannonier wins in round 3+1400
10:30PM1320 Any other result-3600
Sat 2/111321 Teixeira wins in round 1+200
10:30PM1322 Any other result-280
Sat 2/111323 Teixeira wins in round 2+400
10:30PM1324 Any other result-600
Sat 2/111325 Teixeira wins in round 3+900
10:30PM1326 Any other result-1850
Sat 2/111327 Cannonier wins by submission+1550
10:30PM1328 Any other result-4650
Sat 2/111329 Cannonier wins by TKO/KO+321
10:30PM1330 Any other result-462
Sat 2/111331 Teixeira wins by submission+300
10:30PM1332 Any other result-420
Sat 2/111333 Teixeira wins by TKO/KO+225
10:30PM1334 Any other result-305
Sat 2/111335 Cannonier / Teixeira starts round 3+170
10:30PM1336 Fight won’t start round 3-215
Sat 2/111337 Cannonier / Teixeira starts round 2-158
10:30PM1338 Fight won’t start round 2+128
if fight goes to scorecards all wagers are no action
Sat 2/111339 Cannonier (scorecards = no action)+197
10:30PM1340 Teixeira (scorecards = no action)-257
any victory inside distance is a winner for selected fighter, see sportsbook rules for grading details
Sat 2/111341 Cannonier points handicap +3½ +125
10:30PM1342 Teixeira points handicap -3½ -155
Jim Miller vs Dustin Poirier - Lightweight 3 rounds - UFC 208
Sat 2/111403 Miller / Poirier goes 3 round distance+110
10:00PM1404 Fight won’t go 3 round distance-140
Sat 2/111405 Miller wins inside distance+598
10:00PM1406 Not Miller inside distance-1042
Sat 2/111407 Miller wins by 3 round decision+650
10:00PM1408 Not Miller by 3 round decision-1175
Sat 2/111409 Poirier wins inside distance+120
10:00PM1410 Not Poirier inside distance-150
Sat 2/111411 Poirier wins by 3 round decision+180
10:00PM1412 Not Poirier by 3 round decision-240
Sat 2/111413 Miller / Poirier draw+5250
10:00PM1414 Fight not a draw-13000
Sat 2/111415 Miller wins in round 1+1150
10:00PM1416 Any other result-2450
Sat 2/111417 Miller wins in round 2+1450
10:00PM1418 Any other result-4050
Sat 2/111419 Miller wins in round 3+2325
10:00PM1420 Any other result-6975
Sat 2/111421 Poirier wins in round 1+225
10:00PM1422 Any other result-305
Sat 2/111423 Poirier wins in round 2+500
10:00PM1424 Any other result-900
Sat 2/111425 Poirier wins in round 3+1200
10:00PM1426 Any other result-2600
Sat 2/111427 Miller wins by submission+918
10:00PM1428 Any other result-1868
Sat 2/111429 Miller wins by TKO/KO+1350
10:00PM1430 Any other result-3250
Sat 2/111431 Poirier wins by submission+590
10:00PM1432 Any other result-1170
Sat 2/111433 Poirier wins by TKO/KO+145
10:00PM1434 Any other result-185
Sat 2/111435 Miller / Poirier starts round 3-126
10:00PM1436 Fight won’t start round 3-104
Sat 2/111437 Miller / Poirier starts round 2-245
10:00PM1438 Fight won’t start round 2+185
if fight goes to scorecards all wagers are no action
Sat 2/111439 Miller (scorecards = no action)+255
10:00PM1440 Poirier (scorecards = no action)-335
any victory inside distance is a winner for selected fighter, see sportsbook rules for grading details
Sat 2/111441 Miller points handicap +3½ +160
10:00PM1442 Poirier points handicap -3½ -195
Belal Muhammad vs Randy Brown - Welterweight 3 rounds - UFC 208
Sat 2/111503 Muhammad / Brown goes 3 round distance-150
9:30PM1504 Fight won’t go 3 round distance+120
Sat 2/111505 Muhammad wins inside distance+455
9:30PM1506 Not Muhammad inside distance-685
Sat 2/111507 Muhammad wins by 3 round decision+170
9:30PM1508 Not Muhammad by 3 round decision-215
Sat 2/111509 Brown wins inside distance+240
9:30PM1510 Not Brown inside distance-300
Sat 2/111511 Brown wins by 3 round decision+280
9:30PM1512 Not Brown by 3 round decision-370
Sat 2/111513 Muhammad / Brown draw+5500
9:30PM1514 Fight not a draw-13500
Sat 2/111515 Muhammad wins in round 1+1225
9:30PM1516 Any other result-2675
Sat 2/111517 Muhammad wins in round 2+1425
9:30PM1518 Any other result-3825
Sat 2/111519 Muhammad wins in round 3+1800
9:30PM1520 Any other result-5400
Sat 2/111521 Brown wins in round 1+400
9:30PM1522 Any other result-600
Sat 2/111523 Brown wins in round 2+650
9:30PM1524 Any other result-1350
Sat 2/111525 Brown wins in round 3+1050
9:30PM1526 Any other result-2150
Sat 2/111527 Muhammad wins by submission+1200
9:30PM1528 Any other result-2600
Sat 2/111529 Muhammad wins by TKO/KO+860
9:30PM1530 Any other result-1760
Sat 2/111531 Brown wins by submission+590
9:30PM1532 Any other result-1170
Sat 2/111533 Brown wins by TKO/KO+305
9:30PM1534 Any other result-425
Sat 2/111535 Muhammad / Brown starts round 3-260
9:30PM1536 Fight won’t start round 3+200
Sat 2/111537 Muhammad / Brown starts round 2-412
9:30PM1538 Fight won’t start round 2+316
if fight goes to scorecards all wagers are no action
Sat 2/111539 Muhammad (scorecards = no action)+220
9:30PM1540 Brown (scorecards = no action)-280
any victory inside distance is a winner for selected fighter, see sportsbook rules for grading details
Sat 2/111541 Muhammad points handicap +3½ -175
9:30PM1542 Brown points handicap -3½ +145
Ulka Sasaki vs Wilson Reis - Welterweight 3 rounds - UFC 208
Sat 2/111603 Sasaki / Reis goes 3 round distance+105
9:00PM1604 Fight won’t go 3 round distance-135
Sat 2/111605 Sasaki wins inside distance+725
9:00PM1606 Not Sasaki inside distance-1340
Sat 2/111607 Sasaki wins by 3 round decision+1064
9:00PM1608 Not Sasaki by 3 round decision-1910
Sat 2/111609 Reis wins inside distance+104
9:00PM1610 Not Reis inside distance-134
Sat 2/111611 Reis wins by 3 round decision+146
9:00PM1612 Not Reis by 3 round decision-176
Sat 2/111613 Sasaki / Reis draw+6500
9:00PM1614 Fight not a draw-16500
Sat 2/111615 Sasaki wins in round 1+1550
9:00PM1616 Any other result-4650
Sat 2/111617 Sasaki wins in round 2+1750
9:00PM1618 Any other result-5250
Sat 2/111619 Sasaki wins in round 3+2700
9:00PM1620 Any other result-8900
Sat 2/111621 Reis wins in round 1+220
9:00PM1622 Any other result-300
Sat 2/111623 Reis wins in round 2+450
9:00PM1624 Any other result-750
Sat 2/111625 Reis wins in round 3+850
9:00PM1626 Any other result-1750
Sat 2/111627 Sasaki wins by submission+1340
9:00PM1628 Any other result-3185
Sat 2/111629 Sasaki wins by TKO/KO+1475
9:00PM1630 Any other result-4275
Sat 2/111631 Reis wins by submission+145
9:00PM1632 Any other result-185
Sat 2/111633 Reis wins by TKO/KO+775
9:00PM1634 Any other result-1625
Sat 2/111635 Sasaki / Reis starts round 3-155
9:00PM1636 Fight won’t start round 3+135
Sat 2/111637 Sasaki / Reis starts round 2-286
9:00PM1638 Fight won’t start round 2+226
if fight goes to scorecards all wagers are no action
Sat 2/111639 Sasaki (scorecards = no action)+450
9:00PM1640 Reis (scorecards = no action)-675
any victory inside distance is a winner for selected fighter, see sportsbook rules for grading details
Sat 2/111641 Sasaki points handicap +3½ +190
9:00PM1642 Reis points handicap -3½ -250
Nik Lentz vs Islam Makhachev - Lightweight 3 rounds - UFC 208
Sat 2/111703 Lentz / Makhachev goes 3 round distance-260
8:30PM1704 Fight won’t go 3 round distance+200
Sat 2/111705 Lentz wins inside distance+700
8:30PM1706 Not Lentz inside distance-1300
Sat 2/111707 Lentz wins by 3 round decision+390
8:30PM1708 Not Lentz by 3 round decision-540
Sat 2/111709 Makhachev wins inside distance+319
8:30PM1710 Not Makhachev inside distance-422
Sat 2/111711 Makhachev wins by 3 round decision-107
8:30PM1712 Not Makhachev by 3 round decision-123
Sat 2/111713 Lentz / Makhachev draw+6000
8:30PM1714 Fight not a draw-15000
Sat 2/111715 Lentz wins in round 1+1375
8:30PM1716 Any other result-3425
Sat 2/111717 Lentz wins in round 2+1600
8:30PM1718 Any other result-4800
Sat 2/111719 Lentz wins in round 3+2400
8:30PM1720 Any other result-7200
Sat 2/111721 Makhachev wins in round 1+550
8:30PM1722 Any other result-1050
Sat 2/111723 Makhachev wins in round 2+800
8:30PM1724 Any other result-1700
Sat 2/111725 Makhachev wins in round 3+1670
8:30PM1726 Any other result-5000
Sat 2/111727 Lentz wins by submission+1363
8:30PM1728 Any other result-3325
Sat 2/111729 Lentz wins by TKO/KO+1200
8:30PM1730 Any other result-2600
Sat 2/111731 Makhachev wins by submission+575
8:30PM1732 Any other result-1125
Sat 2/111733 Makhachev wins by TKO/KO+540
8:30PM1734 Any other result-1020
Sat 2/111735 Lentz / Makhachev starts round 3-330
8:30PM1736 Fight won’t start round 3+253
Sat 2/111737 Lentz / Makhachev starts round 2-675
8:30PM1738 Fight won’t start round 2+450
if fight goes to scorecards all wagers are no action
Sat 2/111739 Lentz (scorecards = no action)+230
8:30PM1740 Makhachev (scorecards = no action)-290
any victory inside distance is a winner for selected fighter, see sportsbook rules for grading details
Sat 2/111741 Lentz points handicap +3½ -155
8:30PM1742 Makhachev points handicap -3½ +125
Phillipe Nover vs Rick Glenn - Lightweight 3 rounds - UFC 208
Sat 2/112003 Nover / Glenn goes 3 round distance-215
8:00PM2004 Fight won’t go 3 round distance+170
Sat 2/112005 Nover wins inside distance+595
8:00PM2006 Not Nover inside distance-1035
Sat 2/112007 Nover wins by 3 round decision+245
8:00PM2008 Not Nover by 3 round decision-312
Sat 2/112009 Glenn wins inside distance+310
8:00PM2010 Not Glenn inside distance-400
Sat 2/112011 Glenn wins by 3 round decision+145
8:00PM2012 Not Glenn by 3 round decision-175
Sat 2/112013 Nover / Glenn draw+5500
8:00PM2014 Fight not a draw-13500
Sat 2/112015 Nover wins in round 1+1250
8:00PM2016 Any other result-2750
Sat 2/112017 Nover wins in round 2+1450
8:00PM2018 Any other result-4050
Sat 2/112019 Nover wins in round 3+2400
8:00PM2020 Any other result-7200
Sat 2/112021 Glenn wins in round 1+500
8:00PM2022 Any other result-900
Sat 2/112023 Glenn wins in round 2+775
8:00PM2024 Any other result-1625
Sat 2/112025 Glenn wins in round 3+1425
8:00PM2026 Any other result-3825
Sat 2/112027 Nover wins by submission+885
8:00PM2028 Any other result-1815
Sat 2/112029 Nover wins by TKO/KO+1370
8:00PM2030 Any other result-3380
Sat 2/112031 Glenn wins by submission+1075
8:00PM2032 Any other result-2225
Sat 2/112033 Glenn wins by TKO/KO+375
8:00PM2034 Any other result-565
Sat 2/112035 Nover / Glenn starts round 3-281
8:00PM2036 Fight won’t start round 3+221
Sat 2/112037 Nover / Glenn starts round 2-555
8:00PM2038 Fight won’t start round 2+403
if fight goes to scorecards all wagers are no action
Sat 2/112039 Nover (scorecards = no action)+160
8:00PM2040 Glenn (scorecards = no action)-195
any victory inside distance is a winner for selected fighter, see sportsbook rules for grading details
Sat 2/112041 Nover points handicap +3½ -205
8:00PM2042 Glenn points handicap -3½ +165
Roan Carneiro vs Ryan LaFlare - Welterweight 3 rounds - UFC 208
Sat 2/112103 Carneiro / LaFlare goes 3 round distance-175
7:30PM2104 Fight won’t go 3 round distance+145
Sat 2/112105 Carneiro wins inside distance+500
7:30PM2106 Not Carneiro inside distance-800
Sat 2/112107 Carneiro wins by 3 round decision+600
7:30PM2108 Not Carneiro by 3 round decision-1050
Sat 2/112109 LaFlare wins inside distance+283
7:30PM2110 Not LaFlare inside distance-373
Sat 2/112111 LaFlare wins by 3 round decision-120
7:30PM2112 Not LaFlare by 3 round decision-110
Sat 2/112113 Carneiro / LaFlare draw+6000
7:30PM2114 Fight not a draw-15000
Sat 2/112115 Carneiro wins in round 1+875
7:30PM2116 Any other result-1790
Sat 2/112117 Carneiro wins in round 2+1100
7:30PM2118 Any other result-2300
Sat 2/112119 Carneiro wins in round 3+1900
7:30PM2120 Any other result-5700
Sat 2/112121 LaFlare wins in round 1+575
7:30PM2122 Any other result-1125
Sat 2/112123 LaFlare wins in round 2+750
7:30PM2124 Any other result-1580
Sat 2/112125 LaFlare wins in round 3+1200
7:30PM2126 Any other result-2600
Sat 2/112127 Carneiro wins by submission+875
7:30PM2128 Any other result-1790
Sat 2/112129 Carneiro wins by TKO/KO+723
7:30PM2130 Any other result-1537
Sat 2/112131 LaFlare wins by submission+561
7:30PM2132 Any other result-1082
Sat 2/112133 LaFlare wins by TKO/KO+500
7:30PM2134 Any other result-900
Sat 2/112135 Carneiro / LaFlare starts round 3-253
7:30PM2136 Fight won’t start round 3+193
Sat 2/112137 Carneiro / LaFlare starts round 2-546
7:30PM2138 Fight won’t start round 2+396
if fight goes to scorecards all wagers are no action
Sat 2/112139 Carneiro (scorecards = no action)+175
7:30PM2140 LaFlare (scorecards = no action)-225
any victory inside distance is a winner for selected fighter, see sportsbook rules for grading details
Sat 2/112141 Carneiro points handicap +3½ +150
7:30PM2142 LaFlare points handicap -3½ -180


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Learn more about: How to use a Free-Play reward, Free-Play Rewards FAQs.

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